Rapper/YouTube Personality Freddy E. Live-Tweets His Own Suicide

01.08.13 25 Comments

Someone was bound to live-tweet a suicide eventually, and that sad day has come: Seattle-based rapper Freddy E. — best known for for his YouTube series, “Jerk TV” — took his own life over the weekend and offered up a play-by-play via his Twitter account. He was 22.

WARNING: What follows is heartbreaking.

After tweeting about a wild night out with his boys — including posting the pic above of himself posing with a bottle of ibuprofen the morning after — Freddie E., whose real name was Frederick E. Buhl, experienced something (he hinted that a romantic breakup may have been to blame) that sent him to a dark place and triggered a series of cryptic tweets, culminating in this one

Below is the entire series of cryptic tweets, beginning at the bottom with a tweet signaling something had gone terribly wrong in his life.

In a Facebook Wall post, Buhl’s father announced his son’s death…

Today, our son, Frederick Eugene Buhl (@freddy_E), age 22 years old, took his own life with a rifle shot to the head. Our family is saddened beyond words; our loss is great; this tragedy is enormous and unforseen. Not only our family, but the world has lost a talented, sensitive, brilliant young man who lit up our existence with his. We love him a great deal, and he will be sorely missed. We pray that God will now watch over him, and we ask all of you to include Frederick and our entire family in your thoughts and prayers.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Buhl family.

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