Future’s New Album ‘HNDRXX’ Has The Internet Hyped And In Their Feelings

Future’s HNDRXX dropped last night and it’s exactly the album we all wanted Future to be. This is Future taking his sad, partying drug addict aesthetic to it’s logical limits. Like that meme for art rubes, HNDRXX is about the duality of (dope)man. It just might be the best album in a career that’s full of great albums. And it has the internet appropriately losing their minds.

First, there were more than a few folks who had to stop throwing trap elbows to wipe tears on their sleeves.

The comparisons to other world-stopping albums started to flow:


And others just couldn’t handle it at all:

And this amazing image both perfectly summed up Future’s new vibe and reminded us that we need a chopped and screwed version of “Stop To Love” yesterday:

Some fans were concerned about Future’s own well-being after he poured his heart out on HNDRXX:

And more than a few were wondering how Ciara was going to respond after Future hung her out to dry on “My Collection”:

And Future’s collaboration with Rihanna had the whole internet ugly cry-ing:

But mostly, Future fans were excited that they’re alive to see this:

If you haven’t listened to HNDRXX yet, do yourself a favor and stream it here.