Future Responded To Claims He Banned Plus-Sized Women From Entering A Club

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Plus-sized model Naomie Chaput, known as Nao, posted a video to Instagram Thursday night where she claimed she was denied entry to a Miami club because Future wouldn’t let “fatties” in.

“Just got news that this is true that Future said ‘No fatties in the club’ and he has all the rights to do so in Miami,” Nao claimed. “This is just a regular club so I’m just trying to understand really why this is a thing. Why is he allowed to put those rules in place? The discrimination is insane to me.”

Later, Nao added a photo to her Instagram story that said, “And [middle finger emoji] all the other rappers and club owners who function this way. How insecure, disgusting and fat phobic do you have to be to just deny all plus size girls from going to the f***ing club?”

Future responded to the rumors the next day on Twitter, claiming that he loves “all women.”

Before Future dispelled Nao’s claims, fans took to Twitter to respond to the rumor about The WIZRD rapper. Many criticized Future’s alleged actions.

Others defended Future on Twitter, claiming many clubs discriminate and choose the people they allow in.

However, not everyone saw this tweet as sincere. Several responded to the rapper’s tweet by insinuating that he wasn’t telling the truth.

The rapper further responded to the rumor on his Instagram story by posting a video where he claimed, “Never would I discriminate. Never, ever, ever, ever.” Future also posted a screenshot of an article about the rapper’s alleged fatphobia. He added text that read, “Stop promoting fake blogs, fake stories, and fake people.”

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