Future Previews New Music In The Action-Packed ‘Superfly’ Remake Trailer

Future has previewed the soundtrack he curated for Director X’s Superfly remake in the film’s debut trailer. Don’t expect Future to do his best Curtis Mayfield impression, though. With the blaxploitation classic set in modern-day Atlanta, where Future grew up and conquered as a Dungeon Family descendant, this snippet of new music sounds just as modern — fit for Onyx.

Future, who recently appeared in DJ Khaled’s “Top Off” featuring Jay-Z and Beyonce, isn’t even the only music superstar tied to the remake of this ’70s cult classic. Big Boi and Rick Ross also appear, and the former’s excitement in the above preview is palpable. “I hope y’all don’t create a generation of new pimps,” Big Boi says before he cracks a smile. Superfly also stars Trevor Jackson (Grown-ish), Jason Mitchell (Straight Outta Compton) and Michael Kenneth Williams (The Wire, Boardwalk Empire).

The original Superfly follows a cocaine dealer who attempts one last heist before he leaves his life of crime behind. Mayfield’s accompanying soundtrack was as lavish as the lifestyles depicted in the film, with its slick bass grooves and lush instrumentation.

Director X’s Superfly remake hits theaters June 18th. Watch the preview and listen for Future’s soundtrack preview up top.

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