G Perico Issues A Fiery Indictment Of Police Brutality With ‘Amerikkka’

Perhaps spurred by recent events in the headlines regarding police brutality, G Perico speaks on his mistrust of law enforcement with “Amerikkka.” Over a mellow G-funk beat provided by Dupri of League Of Starz, Perico maintains that “it’s the law that’s breaking the law,” points out the racist connotation behind the “Make America Great Again” slogan, and inserts a poignant Malcolm X quote that criticizes the brutal and sometimes cowardly tactics exercised by the very civil servants tasked with protecting and serving the citizenship of America. Throughout he keeps up his signature laid-back demeanor and devil-may-care attitude while rapping lines that drip with venom for crooked police.

The South Central gangsta rapper previously addressed his fractious relationship with law enforcement in the video for “Turnin’ Corners,” where he further displays his gift for lyrical storytelling in the vein of previous tracks like “How You Feel.” The Los Angeles representative makes it a point to stay grounded in realism and street tales throughout his catalog, a tendency which has placed him firmly in line to gain recognition as a future West Coast legend.

Perico has recently lent his burgeoning star power to joint projects with both Cuz Lightyear with “Recognize” and Jay Worthy with the impressive G-Worthy group EP as he prepares a follow-up to his 2017 debut album, All Blue.