G Perico Is Out To Get Rich With ‘Everybody’ He Knows In His Newest Music Video

The rollout of Jheri-curled South Central native G Perico’s upcoming album 2 Tha Left continues with the release of the video for “Everybody,” the latest single from the follow-up to his early-2017 debut All Blue.

Peri is one of those rappers who knows exactly what his lane is and how to most effectively maneuver in it. His no-frills videos for “Affiliated” and “Everybody” fully embrace the easygoing West Coast aesthetic that his music evokes. Fans of mid-’90s LA gangsta rap stalwarts like Daz Dillinger, Kurupt, and Westside Connection will instantly feel an affinity for the slapping, funky grooves of his songs, and may find more than a little of Eazy-E in his voice, delivery, and demeanor — not to mention his chosen hairstyle. He’s spicing things up on his upcoming album with more political commentary as well with the incisive “Amerikkka,” which tackles police brutality and racial profiling.

For “Everybody,” Perico and his crew rent out a mansion in the hills to hang out and chill — shooting pool, rolling dice, smoking blunts, and counting money. Again, he’s a pretty straightforward guy, so there’s no need for a lot of flashy, high concepts. He tells you exactly what he’s about in his music, and his videos are exactly the same.

2 Tha Left is due out next week, December 8th through Perico’s own So Way Out Records with distribution from Priority Records.