Lyric Annotation Site Genius Is Partnering With Billboard For An Exclusive Content Deal

08.23.16 2 years ago

For many years, finding lyrics to songs on the internet meant entering a Wild West of sketchy websites and less than perfect lyric transcription. Even if you found the lyrics you wanted, you couldn’t necessarily feel confident that they were actually right. The rise of Genius, which not only provides more reliable lyrics, but also background information on lyric meanings, has helped make trying to figure out what somebody is singing much easier. Now, the annotations site is pairing with Billboard on a new exclusive content-sharing deal that might help take it to the next level.

The deal will provide Billboard content to certain sections of Genius. In turn, Genius will be able to use Billboard’s back catalog of interviews, profiles, photos, and video as source material for song pages. Or, as Billboard’s Mike Bruno puts it, “Stretching back nine decades, Billboard content tells the story of music in a way nobody else can. With Genius, Billboard’s access, insight and expertise can reach millions of additional fans and enrich their knowledge and experience of the music they love.”

All of the content that comes from Billboard will link back to their website so people can find the full pieces the Genius notes come from. For people who go to Genius to find insight on songs, this added information can only be beneficial, and both Billboard and Genius should see some benefit from this. Recently, Apple posted job listings for positions such as “Lyrics Curator” and “Lyrics Curation Manager,” so clearly there is a demand for content such as this. Genius, and now Billboard, seem ahead of the curve at the moment.

(Via Billboard)

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