Gotye Will Pwn Your A$s On Trivia Night

04.19.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

You know that guy who shows up at trivia night and just pwns everyone else (there’s always that guy at every trivia night). Well, it just might be Gotye.

Yes, fresh off his appearance on SNL over the weekend, Gotye showed up for trivia night at a random bar in San Francisco and just started dominating people. Someone who was there described it all to SF Weekly in an email.

I go to a small pub quiz that my friend Chaki hosts every Monday at Minx Bar in the Tender Nob. It’s a music specific quiz aka ROCK N ROLL TRIVIA. There weren’t many teams this week but this one group of Austrailians came in and one guy on the team completely DEMOLISHED everybody in the bar, answering every question correctly. Here’s what Chaki posted on his Facebook:

“So last night @ trivia this nerdy dude comes in and proceeds to answer every question right. I’m like who the fuck is this genius? We get to talking and he tells me he’s Wally and we end up chatting about old exotica and new wave records. This guy had an encyclopedic knowledge of music and was as cool as fuck. Turns out it was international pop star GOTYE! WTF I just thought it was my new Aussie friend Wally. Dude could not have been nicer, cooler or smarter about music! Life is weird.”

And yes, in case you’re wondering, Gotye’s real name is Wouter “Wally” de Backer. Kinda wish he’d just gone with “Wally” as his artist name instead of Gotye.

(Pic via SF Weekly)

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