What The Grammys Should Do To Be Even Better In 2018

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02.14.17 2 Comments

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The 2017 Grammys came and went and — outside of James Corden’s telegraphed punchlines and Carpool Karaoke schtick — we can say it honestly wasn’t that bad. Music’s biggest night managed not to be actively terrible, which is more than we can say for many previous 3+ hour slogs.

With that being said, everybody knows that some incorrect choices were made and the entirety of the viewing audience certainly felt the ceremony’s runtime by the time the show wrapped up. It’s our job here to cover it and it still felt like an endurance test by the end. What I’m saying is, the Grammys weren’t bad but they definitely could have been better and there’s simple fixes that the producers could implement to make next year’s ceremony greater than the one that came before it.

To put it in producer-speak, we have some notes.

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