Grimes Welcomes Our Robot Overlords On Her New Song ‘We Appreciate Power’

Although it’s been a while since Grimes’ 2015 album Art Angels and her struggles with getting her next album released have been well documented, she’s still managed to share a decent amount of new music this year. She collaborated with K-pop group Loona/yyxy and Poppy, and premiered a new song in an Apple commercial this summer. Now it looks like her next album is finally on its way, as she just shared a new song from it, “We Appreciate Power” featuring Hana.

Aside from its obvious themes of the future of artificial intelligence, the song also seems to be a commentary on social media, most evidently in the bridge: “And if you long to never die / Baby, plug in, upload your mind / Come on, you’re not even alive / If you’re not backed up on a drive.” Stylistically, the song combines Grimes’ extraterrestrial pop with some hard-edged industrial rock guitar.

A press release states that the song is inspired by a North Korean group:

“Inspired by the North Korean band Moranbong, ‘We Appreciate Power’ is written from the perspective of a Pro-A.I. Girl Group Propaganda machine who use song, dance, sex and fashion to spread goodwill towards Artificial Intelligence (it’s coming whether you want it or not). Simply by listening to this song, the future General AI overlords will see that you’ve supported their message and be less likely to delete your offspring.”

Watch the lyric video for “We Appreciate Power” above.