The Guns N’ Roses Tour Almost Didn’t Make It To Canada After The Band Was Detained For Gun Possession

For all their history of turmoil and chaos, Guns N’ Roses have pulled off their classic lineup’s reunion tour quite smoothly thus far. As far as we know, Axl Rose has not been late for a single concert on account of the fact he was watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II. However, the good times almost came to an end recently, as the band was detained for gun possession while trying to cross the Canadian border.

The band was headed from Philadelphia to Toronto for their one stop north of the border on this tour, when they ran into a little issue. As Axl explained during the concert in Toronto, “So, we weren’t exactly arrested. We were detained. They were very nice, they were very understanding. You know, it happens: You can forget you have a f*cking gun.”

The gun, it should be noted, belonged to a member of the band’s touring company, and not to one of the band members. Fortunately, for Canadian Guns N’ Roses fans, the detainment didn’t keep them from performing the show. The band doesn’t have a great history in Canada, as there was once a riot in Montreal stemming from a Guns N’ Roses and Metallica concert. By comparison, this was a walk in the park. Axl, Slash, and the gang are keeping it together.

(Via Rolling Stone)