Halle Bailey Shimmers Under The Sea With Her Rendition Of ‘The Little Mermaid’ Classic ‘Part Of Your World’

It’s already major day for The Little Mermaid fans, as Disney dropped a new trailer and a ton of new posters for the upcoming live-action film. Halle Bailey, who plays the lead character Ariel, helps save Flounder from danger, pines to be a human, and swims with the jellyfish — making it seem like a fun, colorful adaptation of the cartoon.

Now, fans are also getting to hear what Bailey as Ariel sounds like. Her new spin on “Part Of Your World” is out today, blending her powerful and controlled vocals with the classic lyrics that even the most casual fan can tackle at karaoke.

“I wanna be where the people are,” she sings, the part that also appears in the trailer. “I wanna see / Wanna see them dancing.”

Listeners are already loving the song, with people writing “Halle Bailey, the VOCALIST THAT YOU AREEE” and “5 seconds in and I’m already in tears!” It’s very clear that crowds are going to turn out in full force for this one.

The movie’s complete soundtrack drops on May 19, just a few days before it hits theaters on May 26.

Check out Halle Bailey’s “Part Of Your World” from The Little Mermaid soundtrack above as well as the trailer and posters of the other characters. Below, find some additional fan reactions.