Hear Christine And The Queens’ Spectacular Rework Of Beyonce’s ‘Sorry’

French pop outfit Christine and the Queens stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge Tuesday and performed an intoxicating cover of Beyoncé’s song “Sorry” that will have you repeatedly pulling back YouTube video timeline so you can hear it over and over again. The funky remastering of the tune sounds nothing like the original — including moments throughout the second verse where the cover switches from English to French — but stays just as finger-snapping sassy.

The French songwriter — best known for the bands 2014 album ‘Chaleur Humaine’ — performed the Queen B record on the regular live jam session along with the band’s hit single ‘Tilted.’ Between the addition of French lyrics, the herky-jerky ’80s dance moves, the finger wagging-swag, and the constant crooning of “middle fingers up,” the performance is hypnotizing enough to stand on its own as a completely different song. If not for this being a cover, you could be sure it would be at the top of the charts the next time you logged onto Spotify.

Christine and the Queens are well-known Beyoncé fans, even shouting her out on stage during her festival appearance this past summer. Maybe there is a collaboration in the future? If it’s as dope as this, that wouldn’t suck.

(Via Pitchfork)