Holly Holm Describes That Awkward Moment When She Failed To Recognize Jay-Z’s Wife

Holly Holm may be the new reigning bantamweight champion, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know the meaning of defeat. At least where awkwardness is concerned, Holm must still work her way to victory in the celebrity recognition department. Of course, it’s standard business for anyone to become flustered in the presence of an icon like Beyonce. Could someone forget Bey’s name in the heat of the introductory moment? That’s exactly what happened to Holm when she met Jay-Z after defeating Ronda Rousey with a knockout and sending the former champ straight to the hospital.

Cue awkwardness.

Jay-Z approached Holm to congratulate the victor, and he brought his beautiful, mysterious wife along for the voyage. Holm had no idea that Jay-Z’s lady was a famous face. Speaking to Albuquerque radio station KRQE, Holm said her encounter with Mr. and Mrs. Carter was an awkward one.

“I met Jay-Z, and he was like, ‘Oh, this is my wife.’ And I said, ‘Hi, what’s your name?’ Because that’s what I do when I meet someone’s wife. And as I’m shaking her hand, I’m thinking, ‘Why did I just say that?'”

Talk about a knockout. Holm said it only took her a moment to realize her mistake, and she apologized to Bey, who was very gracious in return. Awww, it’s okay. Even Beyonce could use a little demotion every so often.

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