Here’s How To Dress Like Drake For Halloween

We’re a week away from Halloween, and if you’re looking for your last-minute costume ideas, may we humbly suggest a music star?

After all, our favorite singers and rappers are real people with a slew of recognizable looks to choose from that would take only a minimum of effort on the last-minute costume creator’s part.

And look, if we’re already doing music stars, why not one of the biggest music stars of all, Drake? Mr. October’s Very Own has plenty of iconic looks throughout the years, including his recent, colorful looks from the For All The Dogs rollout. So…


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Here’s how to dress as Drake for Halloween

(As always, though, and forever — please do not don blackface for any reason. You will look dumb and any future business or political aspirations you may have will die on the spot.)

“Hotline Bling” Drake

This one’s easy. All you’ll need is a neutral-colored turtleneck sweater, a pair of grey sweatpants, and hi-top Timberland boots. For the guys, get a low fade and grow out that beard and for the ladies, there are glue-on beards to fake it. Good luck with that hair though. Maybe a bald cap?

“No New Friends” Drake

This one may admittedly take a bit more work, if only to track down the vintage Dada fit fans couldn’t stop making memes about in 2013. To complete Drake’s throwback ’90s look here, grab some black Doc Martens and calf-length black socks with white stripes, topping it off with a pair of stunna shades.

“Drake As Drake’s Dad” Drake

drake halloween
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Simple, yet effective. Although, you might have to take a trip to the hood, sorry. Any beauty supply shop should have the crochet kufi cap you need, then it’s just a matter of throwing on an all-white suit with a chain and fake pair of spectacles (or your real ones for my fellow visually-impaired).

“For All The Dogs” Drake

First, hit either your local swap meet for the throwback FUBU tee or customize yourself a jacket covered in “Vs” (a tribute to the late Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton’s former head of menswear), then throw in a cluster of brightly colored barrettes. Voila!