IDK Warns Against The Fast Life In His Eerie ‘Lilly’ Video

Looper-esque time travel hijinks ensue when IDK warns against living the fast life in his new video for “Lilly” from his Warner Records debut album Is He Real? The video, which is directed by Matt Zolly and produced by Snow-Beach LLC, sees IDK adopt the role of a flashy hustler who cruises the nighttime streets with a female companion. IDK’s lady friend has to reckon with the potential consequences of her shady acquaintances when she meets a mysterious woman.

At the beginning of the video, we’re introduced to the titular Lilly as she makes a store run for IDK’s player character, offering to drive his convertible sports car while he lounges in the passenger seat and raps his verses from the track. The fun comes to a stop when they encounter a haggard addict in a wedding dress, pushing her grocery cart down the road. Lilly steps out to confront this apparition, only to realize that this woman has the exact same eyes — it’s like looking in a mirror. A blink-and-you-miss-it closeup of the contents of the cart reveal them to be the same flashy accessories Lilly has on. The futuristic version flicks a cigarette into the cart, setting the belongings on fire, then hands her younger self a photo of Lilly and IDK together, with the warning implied: Keep hanging out with this guy, and you won’t like where you end up.

Watch the “Lilly” video above.

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