Iggy Azalea Remakes Another Cult Classic Film With Kash Doll For Her Rebellious ‘F*ck It Up’ Video

Iggy Azalea has proven fond of remaking ’90s-era, cult classic, coming-of-age films featuring women ever since her original breakout with the Clueless homaging video for “Fancy” back in 2014. Now, she returns to that well one more time for the “F*ck It Up” video from her latest album, In My Defense. This time, she borrows inspiration from Romy And Michele’s High School Reunion, with Iggy taking on the role of Mira Sorvino’s Romy White ahead of her and Kash Doll‘s high school reunion.

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The rest of the video is more-or-less a montage of the film’s fans’ favorite moments, finding Kash and Iggy twerking it out at home while getting ready for the reunion, then cruising the streets in their drop top, flirting with guys in passing cars and giving one poor dad a heart attack. They hit the drive-in diner for dinner, then pull up at the party to laugh behind their hands at all the former mean girls, who are now pregnant and bitter, while Iggy and Kash turn up on the dance floor with special guest Nikita Dragun.

In My Defense is only Iggy’s second full-length album after her hit debut, The New Classic. It’s out now via Bad Dreams Records / EMPIRE. Get it here.