All The Best New Hip-Hop Albums Coming Out This Week

07.18.19 1 month ago

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There are a lot of expectations riding on this week’s release day in hip-hop. Two of the upcoming projects expected to redeem their respective rappers. Another needs to overcome the sophomore slump to further establish a burgeoning star who continues to assert his credibility among hardcore fans, but who has yet to come through with a breakout hit. And the last is the latest in a longstanding line of collaborative albums between two underground legends, which leaves it a long-shadowed legacy to live up to as one of those legends passes the reins to his prospective heirs. Check out the latest in hip-hop below.

Iggy Azalea, In My Defense

It’s been five years since Azalea’s last full-length project, which was also her debut. While The New Classic was commercially successful, Iggy herself has taken quite the battering in the public eye. After being accused of cultural appropriation, having an album shelved, getting a tour canceled, switching labels, and embracing a newfound aesthetic borrowed from the queens of Drag Race, Iggy appears ready to come back on her own terms with In My Defense. Led by the folk song-sampling “Sally Walker,” Iggy retains her high-fashion swagger, but now it’s paired with a self-deprecating, campy sense of humor that might just serve her well as she bats back at her critics and salutes her long-suffering fans.

Maxo Kream, Brandon Banks

Houston, TX is home to a constantly percolating hotbed of talent, but the city’s last brush with widespread acclaim came over a decade ago, with the wave of Swishahouse associated spitters who brought chopped-and-screwed culture to MTV. Now, however, there’s a resurgence of rappers hailing from Houston, including both popular stars like Travis Scott and underground heroes like Le$. Somewhere in the middle lies Maxo Kream, who debuted with the critically-acclaimed Punken last year. On both Punken and his latest, Brandon Banks, Maxo masterfully splits the difference between the harder, street-oriented subject matter that keeps him rooted to Houston’s seedy underbelly, and the sort of speaker-thrashing beats that will draw new listeners in droves to hear what he has to say over them.

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