After Multiple Delays, Iggy Azalea Releases Her ‘Wicked Lips’ EP

This summer, Iggy Azalea returned with In My Defense, her first album since her breakout 2014 debut The New Classic. She didn’t waste time dropping her next release: Although it came later than expected, Azalea has shared her new EP, Wicked Lips.

The EP has dropped after facing multiple delays. On November 14, Azalea tweeted, “I’m really sorry, but I’m still mixing a song on my EP that has a feature on it and there’s no way i can make the deadline. It’s really important to me the song is on the project. wicked lips will have to be next week. xo.” Then, on the 19th, she shared a tracklist for the project, which is the same as on the now-released EP except for the final two tracks swapping positions.

On November 22, she said the EP would be out “in the next 48hrs,” and two days later, with the EP still not out, she tweeted, “please cut me some extra slack guys, I hear your frustration about the EP delay. Im not ignoring your questions because I don’t care. sometimes I cant give fans explanations because I’m Just not comfortable sharing everything publicly. I appreciate you guys understanding.”

A couple days after that, she vented about what seemed like part of the reason why the EP was being held up, writing, “Imagine not knowing a single thing about how to write or produce a song, and then somehow mustering up the courage to make the unrequested recommendation someone else should cut an entire minute from their song, because that would be more marketable on streaming platforms.” She then added, “Sorry to rant a little. I just find that type of opinion (especially from non-creatives) to be the embodiment of what’s actually wrong with the music industry right now.”

It was a long and apparently complicated road, but ultimately, Wicked Lips is here, so stream it below.

Wicked Lips is out now via Bad Dreams Records/Empire.