Now You Can Own The Iconic Indiana Jones ‘Raiders Of The Lost Ark’ Soundtrack On Vinyl

What’s the first song that comes to mind when you hear the name “Indiana Jones”? That’s easy, it’s those triumphant horns that sound like swinging across a vine, scaling a sheer rock face, a hero swooping in to save a kingdom. Even if you don’t know what that song is called, you know it; that song is Indiana Jones on some level. So while the sounds of “Raider’s March” have become almost synonymous with Harrison Ford’s grinning face, and subsequently, the Indiana Jones franchise as a whole, the soundtrack that first housed that song has been fading in obscurity. Well, that’s not entirely true, in 2008 the soundtrack was reissued on CD form, but today, it’s finally coming out vinyl.

Highlighted by the instantly recognizable theme song, the entire score was composed by none other than John Williams, and partially to help celebrate his lasting legacy. The vinyl release of the score will be coming out on an 180-gram, two-LP package that was pressed at RTI (Record Technology Incorporated), and includes a two-pocket gatefold jacket that features original stills and artwork from the film. As for the music itself, which includes plenty of cues not available on the original soundtrack, the vinyl version cut by the score’s original mastering engineer Bernie Grundman.

Back in 1981, the score was nominated for both an Academy Award and Grammy Award, and “Raider’s March” was included on every subsequent Indiana Jones movie that came out. This score was also the only one performed by the London Symphony Orchestra, who director Steven Spielberg tapped from the Star Wars score.

Check out the tracklist and order a copy of the score on vinyl here.

Track list:
A1. “In The Jungle”
A2. “The Idol Temple”
A3. “Escape From The Temple”
A4. “Flight From Peru”
A5. “Washington Men / Indy’s Home”
A6. “A Thought For Marion / To Nepal”
A7. “The Medallion”
A8. “Flight To Cairo”

B1. “The Basket Game”
B2. “Bad Dates”
B3. “The Map Room: Dawn”
B4. “Reunion In The Tent / Searching For The Well”
B5. “The Well Of The Souls”

C1. “Indy Rides The Statue”
C2. “The Fist Fight / The Flying Wing”
C3. “Desert Chase”
C4. “Marion’s Theme / The Crate”

D1. “The German Sub”
D2. “Ride To The Nazi Hideout”
D3. “Indy Follows The Ark”
D4. “The Miracle Of The Ark”
D5. “Washington Ending / Raiders March”

If you’re unfamiliar with the score or want to revisit, you can also stream the soundtrack in full below.