The Essential Gift Guide For The Indie Rocker In Your Life

12.11.17 5 months ago


In a year that was otherwise mostly devastating, the holidays are supposed to be a fun time, filled with familial love and ginger-flavored food items (my favorite!). However, every family has that kid who’s just discovered Bright Eyes and now considers themselves “too cool” for more traditional gifts like video games or sweaters. In an attempt to help make shopping for that person easier, we’ve compiled a diverse list of items that are just cool enough to fit the bill.

Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs


Perfect for catching a show in a basement or a bar, the Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs simply lower the volume of the live music environment, rather than blocking and muffling sounds like traditional earplugs. Therefore, you’re still able you to hear everything around you clearly, it’s all just a bit quieter! Each set comes with three interchangeable eartips that allow a comfortable fit for ears of any shape, and a small plastic carrying case. Additionally, for each set purchased, Vibes is donating to the Hear The World Foundation, an organization providing hearing healthcare to children in need across the world. These earplugs provide almost professional-grade quality, and are very moderately priced at $23.99. Pick up a pair here.

Washed Up Emo’s The Anthology Of Emo: Volume One Book

Washed Up Emo

To celebrate ten years of his site Washed Up Emo, Atlantic Records executive Tom Mullen put together an informative companion and one-stop-shop guide to the emo genre to, according to Mullen, “hopefully give you a wider sense and appreciation for the word and the genre as a whole.” Priced at a modest $19.99, The Anthology Of Emo: Volume One features interviews with the Dashboard Confessional’s Chris Carrabba, American Football’s Mike Kinsella, and many others. Additionally, the 376-page book also features rare and never-before-seen photos from throughout the last decade. Order it here.

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