Iron Maiden Frontman Flying People Stranded By Irene Out Of NYC

08.30.11 6 Comments

Question: Would you feel comfortable trusting your life to the piloting skills of Bruce Dickinson, the lead singer of metal legends Iron Maiden pictured at right? Because that’s what a couple of hundred people desperate to get out of New York City since being stranded there by Hurricane Irene are going to do later today.

Reports the Daily Mail:

The 53-year-old rocker is set to fly one of the first flights out of New York City following the devastation of Hurricane Irene.

The singer/songwriter will fly 200 passengers from Newark airport in New Jersey to Reykjavik for budget airline, Iceland Express, in the Boeing 757 used by the band during their recent world tour.

The plane, which was leased to the band by charter airline Astraeus who Bruce regularly flies for, is complete with the Iron Maiden logo and their famous mascot, Eddie, who has appeared on almost all of the band’s album and single covers as well as in their live shows.

So this is the plane Dickinson will fly them out on…

I have to admit, that’s pretty bada$s. Almost worth being stranded for a few days for. Oh, and speaking of Bruce Dickinson…

And finally, this Ryan Adams cover of Iron Maiden’s “Wasted Years” is pretty dope…

(HT: Paula Froelich)

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