Is Ty Dolla Sign’s ‘More Motion Less Emotion Tour’ Canceled?

Fans looking forward to catching Ty Dolla Sign’s More Motion Less Emotion Tour might just be out of luck. Songkick’s calendar for Ty Dolla Sign is showing a slew of canceled shows, while Ty’s own website has no upcoming events listed. Even Live Nation only has one show coming up in Costa Mesa, CA on October 21.


Is Ty Dolla Sign’s ‘More Motion Less Emotion Tour’ Canceled?

Although no official announcements have been made either way, it certainly looks like it is, for all intents.

We’re not entirely sure what prompted the cancellations, other than the fact that we’ve seen similar events being dropped from the likes of Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and more this year. Certainly, the live entertainment industry is still reeling from the effects of the pandemic (which, sorta hasn’t really ever stopped so much as we all decided to go on about our business after over a million people died from a completely preventable breakdown of public policy and social discourse). Venues are doing less business at their bars, and with Live Nation nixing merch fees for artists, their venues are are sure to see revenues take a hit.

Artists themselves are struggling, too. While top-line artists like Beyoncé, Drake, and Taylor Swift have devoured all the oxygen (and money) that would probably ordinarily be going to indies and rising artists, even established majors are finding it tough to sell tickets, route tours, and turn a profit from a hungry public that demands more bang for their buck than but has a lot fewer of those bucks to spread around.

It wouldn’t be surprising to find out Ty’s in this boat, for now, all this is just conjecture. And speaking of conjecture, there’s speculation among fans that he’s been working on Kanye West’s new album, which fans on Twitter believe is being recorded in Italy
One thing is for sure: This is a tough break for openers Leon Thomas and Symba, who could have used the exposure — and the tour money.

Ty Dolla Sign is a Warner Music artist. .