It Takes 30 Minutes To Hear Every Scott Aukerman And Ben Schwartz ‘Comedy Bang! Bang!’ Song

You might know Ben Schwartz, the energy drink of people, as Jean Ralphio from Parks and Recreation or from Showtime’s House of Pies, and if you get that reference, you probably listen to “Comedy Bang! Bang!” He’s one of Scott Aukerman’s favorite guests, partially because Schwartz is one of the best “yes, and…” comedians out there, but mostly because Hot Saucerman loves breaking into song and no one needs less of a reason to start belting than Benny Schwaz.

Some CBB fan compiled every time Aukerman and Schwartz have sung on the podcast (it’s 30 minutes long!), including their “Skid Row (Downtown)” duet and a very special parody of the DuckTales theme that mentions Tony Danza. Just like in the original lyrics.