Delivering You Great Music Isn’t A Science, It’s The Life Work Of This Man

You may have used Pandora before, but have you ever wondered how – in that tiny moment between the songs – Pandora delivers your next perfect song? To the user, it may seem heaven sent: You plug in an artist or song you like, and Pandora plays even more songs and artists you love. But those songs aren’t a gift from the divine; they’re analyzed by real people, with real brains and real hearts who love music as much as you do. One of those real people? J Boogie, who curates Pandora’s hip-hop, R&B, soul, and reggae stations, and also happens to be a huge music nerd, whether it’s at work, playing in a band, or shuffling throughout town crate-digging for that diamond vinyl in the rough.

In this episode of Uproxx’s documentary series, Human, we explore the J Boogie, as well as his encyclopedic knowledge of and fiery passion for music. If you’ve ever fallen in love with a band or song on Pandora, you might very well have him to thank for it.