It’s Been Just About Confirmed That The J. Cole And Kendrick Lamar Joint Album Is Never Coming Out

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Now that Dr. Dre has essentially dropped the mythical Detox in the form of Compton, there’s a spot atop the “rap albums that everybody is waiting for but will probably never get” list that needs to be filled, and the rumored J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar joint album is as good a candidate as any. It was way back on Black Friday in 2015 that the duo teased “something scary,” which many assumed would be some sort of collaboration between the two. Rumors of a February album persisted, but February came and went. Fans put together numerous pieces of artwork for the project, and every time K. Dot and Cole were spotted together it fanned the flames.

Well, it looks like you can finally put the kibosh on the joint album rumor for good as Punch from TDE just about confirmed the album is never coming out. As the co-president of TDE and the resident source of information to the fans, he’s just about as knowledgable as anybody on the goings on at TDE, and during a lengthy Twitter Q & A session he said succinctly, it will “probably never” come out.

So that’s that, and just about confirms what everybody already assumed at this point. Though very few artists have as much artistic freedom as Cole and K. Dot currently enjoy, so though Punch doesn’t think it’s ever coming, if they want to it could, theoretically.

Chances are he’s right though, the album is probably never coming out. Probably.

Update: Punch hopped back on Twitter to kind of back off his stance, saying “I was just playing about that dot and cole joint. It’s coming for sure maybe. I don’t know it might happen. Probably. Actually hit them” before adding a few laughing emojis. So, yeah, who knows at this point?