J. Cole Honed His Humble Persona With A Trip To The Projects To Hear An Aspiring Rapper’s New Music

Over the past decade, J. Cole has crafted a well-deserved reputation as a humble, down-to-earth figure in rap. Besides eschewing the typical trappings of rap stardom — chains, flashy cars, designer clothes — he’s gone out of his way to present himself as the kind of guy who’ll just pull up to the local YMCA to get in some shots on the basketball court or get nervous about featuring on a song that he’s about to utterly dominate.

And while fans believe he’s working on a new album as he features on K-pop stars’ songs, it seems he still has time to hone his humble persona, appearing recently in a New York City housing project to consult on an aspiring rapper’s new music. Ty Trilly, the rapper in question, posted a video on Instagram of J. Cole listening to his music in the lobby and offering feedback. “I ain’t even put a second verse on it yet,” Trilly admits.

“You don’t even need it, n****,” Cole says in response, giving a few more words of encouragement. “Shoot the sh*t, put that b*tch out, next! ‘Cause they gon’ feel it. And they gon’ feel the next one, I swear to God.”

Cole has demonstrated his willingness to nurture the careers of up-and-coming rappers throughout the past few years, lending his support to artists like Dreamville mainstays Ari Lennox, JID, Lute, and more. Could Ty Trilly be the next addition to the rapper’s label? Anything can happen, and if anyone is willing to support another artist’s dreams, it’s J. Cole.