J. Geils, The Founder Of The Band That Bore His Name, Is Dead At 71

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J. Geils, founding member of the band that bore his name, has been found dead in his Groton, Massachusetts home. The guitarist was 71 years old. Based on reports from The Boston Globe, Groton police confirmed that it was the guitarist in the home, and they kept an official statement short and sweet — the Police Chief simply confirmed “he has passed.” No foul play is suspected at this time and it appears he died of natural causes.

After a successful career with the band that he started — best known for such songs as “Centerfold,” “Musta Got Lost,” and “Love Stinks” — Geils moved to Groton in the 80’s. On December 1, 2009, the town celebrated “J. Geils Day” in honor of the performer. In recent years, although the members were nearing or over 70 years of age, they each toured intermittently with their current projects and Geils even performed at Fenway Park with Aerosmith at one point. Geils was also a huge fan of sports cars, racing them many times while he was still at the peak of his fame and eventually opening his own auto-repair shop that specialized in vintage cars like Ferraris and Maseratis. He continued to make and play music with various bands and partners even after the J. Geils Band broke up in the mid-80’s.

His greatest legacy, however, is almost certainly making sure everybody knows what a centerfold is long after the print industry is a shell of its former self.

(via The Boston Globe)

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