Ja Rule Raps About The Fyre Festival And Meme Star Andy King On His New Song, ‘FYRE’

Last month, Ja Rule’s name was legally cleared in connection to the Fyre Festival lawsuit. Since then, he has gone into the studio and decided to chronicle his experience in a new song called “For Your Real Entertainment (FYRE).”

The art for the release is a childlike drawing of the infamous cheese sandwich photo that circulated on social media and brought public awareness to the Fyre Festival disaster. On the song, which samples Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh’s “The Show,” Ja raps, “The fest — the festival is on fire / We don’t need no water, make that motherf*cker hotter / Hotter than the sun, but it wasn’t that / Show of hands if you got your money back / Just playing, I got sued for that / 100 mil’ to be exact.”


He also addresses Andy King, who gained notoriety due to his appearance in the documentary about the festival, in which he told a now-famous story about oral sex. Ja raps, “Andy King, you’re on, what the f*ck is going? / You about to give this man fellatio for some Evian / Come on, that’s way beyond the job description / That’s an addiction to sucking d*ck, isn’t it? Admit it.”

Listen to “For Your Real Entertainment (FYRE)” above.