Jack Harlow Comes Home To Some Bad News In His Contemplative ‘Gang Gang Gang’ Video

Jack Harlow contemplates the nature of “so-called unconditional love” in the video for “Gang Gang Gang” from his new album Jackman.

“Gang Gang Gang” was a standout even among the outstanding collection of songs that constitutes Jackman. Jack addresses one of the worst parts of growing up: finding out who all among your peers disappointed the optimism of your youth. Detailing the stories of a pair of friends who got into trouble through verses constructed as conversations between Jack and another friend catching up after he returns home, “Gang Gang Gang” depicts the troubling aspects of close friends when our peers let their demons get the best of them.

“Unconditional love / Becomes very conditioned when push comes to shove,” Jack observes. “And all that talk of takin’ bullets suddenly feels foolish / Pictures with him turn to ad campaigns, you gotta pull it.”

Jackman was well-received by fans compared to Jack’s prior album, Come Home The Kids Miss You, prompting the rapper to share a grateful message on Twitter. “I just wanna say the love & respect I’ve felt from not only my peers… but from YALL… the fans… the folks that have supported me from the beginning… it feels f***in amazing…” he wrote. “I have never felt so connected to the people listening to my music… thank you.”

Jack Harlow is a Warner Music artist. .