Jack White Tried To Fight The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney In A Bar, Apparently

Jack White, of the White Stripes and a million others blues-leaning bands, and Black Keys drummer Patrick Carney have been bitching to the press about each other for so long that one would assume they’ve met in person, at least once. About The Black Keys, White once commented, “I hear ads where the music’s ripping off my sound, to the point I think it’s me. Half the time, it’s The Black Keys,” while Carney has said Jack “obviously sounds like an asshole.”

But they’ve never been face to face, until Sunday night. Carney, a self-described “35-year-old nerd” who loves to troll Justin Bieber fans, claimed on Twitter that White tried to fight him in a New York City bar, possibly over who’s pastier. Or maybe Grumpy Jack White was mad the Cubs lost? No matter what happened, “40-year-old bully” White doesn’t come across well here.

White apologized on his website last year for all the terrible things he’s said about The Black Keys, writing that he wishes them “all the success they can get,” so long as they’re not successful at fighting him, apparently. This round has to go to Carney, though, for that devastating Billy Corgan line. I wonder whose team he’s on?

UPDATE: White responded to Carney’s accusations in a statement to Entertainment Weekly.