Jada Pinkett-Smith Posted A Selfie That Has Fans Thinking Fat Joe Is Her 2024 Style Inspiration

On New Year’s Day, it’s common to see people posting their resolutions and intentions for the year ahead, but doing so backfired for one celebrity. Jada Pinkett-Smith, who’s been in the headlines a bunch lately as she promotes her memoir with a collection of eyebrow-raising pull quotes, posted a selfie showing off her latest style innovation, but got a slightly different than perhaps she had hoped.

“I think jean leg warmers is where it’s at for me in 2024,” she wrote. However, the combination of Pinkett-Smith’s doe fur-patterned puffer jacket with her signature bald look and aviator shades brought to mind another popular social media personality: Fat Joe. Many of the commenters wondered whether the Bronx rapper had more weight, while others imagined Jada’s husband Will Smith’s reaction.

Others, meanwhile, found another rapper comparison in Pitbull.

The comparisons were enough to raise “Fat Joe” to the top of Twitter’s trending topics, along with “Pitbull” and “Jada.” And down near the bottom of the top 30, another reference to the photo appeared as of press time: “Skinny Joe,” fans’ apparent new nickname for Jada Pinkett-Smith.

Jada Pinkett-Smith has been the butt of jokes all year as a result of her press tour, but at least this time, they aren’t ALL about her and Will’s unconventional marriage.