James Corden And Ed Sheeran Delight The London Audience With The Latest Edition Of ‘Carpool Karaoke’

Ed Sheeran became the latest to help James Corden navigate traffic and get to work with Carpool Karaoke. And while Corden filmed this segment before he arrived in London for his week of shows, it was still a nice treat for the city in the aftermath of Saturday’s shocking terror attacks. It also helps that Ed Sheeran is super popular and super British, making it a fitting addition to the week’s festivities. Sheeran seems to have a better time just being the car and fooling around with Corden and stuffing Maltesers in his mouth. He manages to get close to 50 in there before spitting them out along the side of the car.

Now Corden has taken Carpool Karaoke to London before, traveling around with Adele for her super-viral installment of the popular segment. So it is a shame he couldn’t do it again for the folks at home, but it is also a long week. Corden has premiered two in one week in the past and he did three the week before Christmas.

Sheeran does have fun and even pulls a David Brent by whipping out the guitar and playing a bit from the passenger seat. Normal people couldn’t do such things because the guitar would likely end up being thrown out of the window or tossed next to the side of the car with the Maltesers. Sheeran can not only play a guitar, he can have it provided to him by the person he is riding with. It’s insanity.

(Via The Late Late Show)