Jamila Woods Announces Her New Album, ‘Water Made Us,’ With The Subtle Video For ‘Tiny Garden’

Four years removed from the release of her critically-hailed 2019 album Legacy! Legacy!, Jamila Woods has returned to announce its follow-up, Water Made Us, with the first video from the new album, “Tiny Garden.” The song, produced with Wynne Bennet and featuring Duendita, is described by Woods in the press release as “a song about the way my heart works, the slow and steady way I love.”

She also directed the video, her first time doing so, saying of her debut, “I wanted to create a visual representation of how I often feel in relationships — like I’m having huge feelings that I end up expressing in small specific ways.” “Tiny Garden” opens with a subtle, bubbly instrumental and flourishes into a full-bodied heartbeat — just like the sort of relationship being described in the lyrics.

Woods said of the upcoming album, “Water Made Us feels like the most personal and vulnerable piece of art I’ve ever made. I love creating from source material, diving deep into a subject, and extrapolating from what I discover… I hope it feels like a playlist that carries you through the life cycle of a relationship, whatever stage of the journey your heart may be in.”

Since her last album, Woods has released a slew of singles, including a cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” and “WYD” with Peter CottonTale.

Water Made Us is out 10/13 via Jagjaguwar. You can get more info here.


01. “Bugs”
02. “Tiny Garden” Feat. Duendita
03. “Practice” Feat. Saba
04. “Let The Cards Fall”
05. “Send A Dove”
06. “Wreckage Room”
07. “Thermostat” Feat. Peter CottonTale
08. “Out Of The Doldrums”
09. “Wolfsheep”
10. “I Miss All My Exes”
11. “Backburner”
12. “Libra Intuition”
13. “Boomerang”
14. “Still”
15. “The Best Thing”
16. “Good News”
17. “Headfirst”