Japanese Breakfast Stayed True To Her Word And Debuted A New Song And A Cover Live In Boston

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In the summer of 2017, Japanese Breakfast (real name Michelle Zauner) released Soft Sounds From Another Planet, which was one of the strongest indie albums of the year. Now, she’s still touring behind the record, and before her performance in Boston last night, she promised that the show would be special. The day before, she tweeted, “We are debuting a new song & cover tomorrow at the Royale.” The show was last night, and the set did indeed feature a new song.

Introducing the song in the video above, it sounds like Zauner said, “Alright, this is a new one, called ‘In Him,'” although given the audio quality of the video, that might not be accurate. Regardless of what the song may or may not be called, it appears to be optimistic and uplifting number that’s a positive sign of what’s to come from Soft Sounds From Another Planet‘s follow up.

Zauner talked about her next album in an interview from a few months ago, saying that she’s ready to “make a bop” and adding, “I’d written two albums about my mom’s illness and death, and with the next record, I almost can’t write about that again. I’m sure it’ll make its way on in some way, but I also don’t want all three of my records to be grief records.”

As for the cover, there doesn’t appear to be any videos of it online yet, although notes that Zauner performed “Lovefool” by The Cardigans, a song that fans have previously suggested she should put her spin on.

Watch Japanese Breakfast perform the new song above.