Jay Som Packs A Whole World Of Emotion Into An Effervescent New Track, ‘Hot Bread’

In 2017 Jay Som broke out in a big way on Everybody Works, a sophomore album that built on her debut, Turn Into, and was dubbed by our resident cultural critic an “indie-pop opus.” Aside from racking up comparisons to massive, idiosyncratic songwriters like Steely Dan, Melina Duterte, the woman behind the name, has continued her streak of effervescent, catchy new songs during 2018.

Earlier this month she shared a couple tracks from the Everybody Works sessions, the jangly “Pirouette” and the funky, dream pop B-side, “OK, Meet Me Underwater.” Today, Jay Som has shared yet another new song, “Hot Bread,” which is part of Amazon’s new playlist initiative “Love Me Not” that will launch next Friday 2/9, along with its counterpart, “Love Me,” in honor of Valentine’s Day.

Buoyed by a slowly swinging melody, the track is packed with moody harmonies, whistles, and brass, giving it a sweet, lighthearted feel that typifies so much of Duterte’s songwriting. Though it comes in briefly at just under three minutes, the track still manages to pack a bunch of enormous feelings into the small, compact pop song. Yesterday, Common Holly shared a cover of Frank Ocean’s “Thinkin’ About You” which will also be on the playlists, and artists like Dan Auerbach and Marlon Williams have contributed as well.

Get more info on the playlists here.