Jay-Z Revived His Dormant Instagram To Announce New Music For The Upcoming Film, ‘The Book Of Clarence’

Jay last used Instagram to promote the Netflix film The Harder They Fall, which he executive-produced. And while music features extensively into that film’s structure, Jay himself only appears on a couple of tracks, including the Kid Cudi collab, “Guns Go Bang.”

Well, he’s back on the platform to promote a film project again, this time, The Book Of Clarence, another collab with Jeymes Samuel, and the trailer promises more new music from the mogul. (Fans are also joking in the comments that the account will be deactivated again in 24 hours, which is about how long he had it up before.)

For years, Jay-Z has insisted that he’s “not a social media guy.” While his knowledge of memes and online trends makes that claim seem somewhat dubious, it is true that he hasn’t maintained much of an online presence — at least, not publicly. But it turns out he’s also pretty good at social media, when he does deign to use it, whether that’s promoting new projects or simply expressing appreciation for his lyrical inspirations.

Meanwhile, The Book Of Clarence looks like a satire of celebrity told through the lens of a Bible-era scammer (played by LaKeith Stanfield!) seeking to present himself as a Messiah, inspired by Jesus himself. Samuels’ reach exceeded his grasp with The Harder They Fall, and if anything, this looks even more ambitious. We’ll see if he learned enough from his last outing to stick the landing this time in January 2024.