Jay-Z Rejoins Instagram For The First Time In Years To Promote His Upcoming Film

Jay-Z’s has long only been on two social media services: Facebook and Twitter, and he doesn’t use them that often. He once, during the summer of 2015, gave Instagram a try, but he only lasted about 14 hours, according to the NY Daily News, deleting his account after sharing a picture with Michael Jackson. Now, more than six years later, Jay is back on Instagram.

He rejoined the social media platform under the account name @jayz, there to promote his upcoming film The Harder They Fall, which he executive produced. As of 10:55 EST, Jay raked up more than 513,000 followers on Instagram, which will surely increase as more people become aware of his presence on the app.

During the London premiere for The Harder They Fall last month, Jay spoke about his passion for the film. “I’m super excited for Jeymes [Samuel], who’s actually from London,” he said. “Just the idea of him releasing his major debut, because he’s done film work and he’s done music. But for him to be releasing in London, a place where he’s from, it has to be a dream for him. So I’m super proud of my brother.”

In addition to co-executive producing the film, Jay has provided two songs to the movie’s soundtrack. The first is “My Guns Go Bang” with Kid Cudi and the second is “King Kong Riddim” with Conway The Machine, Jadakiss, and British rapper Backroad Gee.