Eric Benet Says That Infamous ‘Kill Jay-Z’ Line Boosted His Twitter Activity, But He Wasn’t Mad

TMZ caught up with Eric Benet recently and asked him about the now months-old reference Jay-Z made to his alleged cheating ways with Halle Berry on “Kill Jay-Z,” from his late-career-defining release 4:44. Benet’s response was surprisingly chill, but given the distance between 4:44‘s explosion on the pop culture scene and Benet’s divorce from Berry in 2003, it would seem the throwaway line lost a lot of its sting, especially given that Benet has moved on and is currently married to designer Manuela Testolini.

Eric was incredibly forthcoming with his response saying, “It definitely boosted my Twitter activity, ain’t nothing wrong with that… Lyrically you can hear the maturation and growth as a man, admitting that he wrong and that’s always a good thing.” The line in question, in case anybody forgot, was “You almost went Eric Benet / Let the baddest girl in the world get away / I don’t even know what else to say / N*gga, never go Eric Benet!” of course referring to the fact that Jay-Z’s marital indiscretion nearly cost his union with Beyonce, whom he famously described on his “Public Service Announcement” as “the hottest chick in the game wearin’ my chain.”

When asked if he believed that in the early aughts Halle Berry really was the baddest girl in the world, Benet played coy: “I’m only concentrating with my life right now. My wife is the most amazing woman in the world.”

Watch the “Kill Jay-Z” video below for the infamous line, and Jay’s confessional storytelling