After Finally Rejoining Instagram, Jay-Z Is Now The Only Person Beyonce Follows

With today’s prevalence of social media, it’s hard to imagine a celebrity who decisively stays off popular platforms like Instagram. Some artists like Lorde keep their accounts active but remain radio silent until they’re ready to roll out a new era of music. But other artists like Jay-Z managed to stay off Instagram altogether — until now. The rapper officially rejoined the platform this week to promote his upcoming work and was able to reach a major milestone: He’s now the only person followed by Beyonce on Instagram.

In less than 24 hours after Jay-Z relaunched his Instagram account, he’s already racked up nearly 2 million followers. One of those followers includes his wife, Beyonce — though he has quite a long way to go until he can compare to Beyonce’s follower count, which is at over 216 million. It will come as no surprise that Jay-Z reciprocated Beyonce’s follow and she is also the only person he’s following on the platform as well.

Jay-Z’s reason for rejoining the platform is quite simple. He’s there to promote his upcoming film, The Harder They Fall, of which he is the executive producer. It marks the first time the rapper has posted on the social media platform in nearly six years. Jay-Z did give Instagram a go back in 2015, but he promptly deleted his account just 14 hours later after he reportedly posted a photo of himself with Michael Jackson. It’s been almost 14 hours since Jay-Z relaunched his account, so it’s looking like it will have a greater longevity this time around.

Check out Jay-Z’s first Instagram post above.