Jay-Z Broke Ties With Footballer Larry Johnson Because Of Repeated Domestic Violence Arrests

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Among many other things, Jay-Z is known for having a tight circle. Even though he’s on a lowkey reconciliation tour these days, there are several people who he’s been seen with for an era – then never again. Dame Dash is the most notorious example. One of former Rocafella soldier Beanie Sigel’s gripes is feeling like he was left behind as Jay-Z ascended the corporate ladder. Ditto Jaz-O. Many hope that doesn’t become the case with Kanye. Though everyone has their own particular story, it seems like it all fits a general trend: if he doesn’t think you’re a good look to be around, you’re cut off.

That’s the case for Larry Johnson, a former All-Pro football player who was close to Jay-Z for a period in the late ’00s. He threw up the Rocafella diamond after scoring touchdowns. He was in Rocawear ads. He was in the star-studded “Roc Boys” video. They even shared a condo at the Trump Tower. Unfortunately, Johnson’s violent streak eventually cost him their friendship – and a whole lot more.

In a heartbreaking Washington Post feature which touches on the mental torment Johnson’s going through as a result of his lengthy football life, there’s a small bit about how Jay-Z “cut him off over e-mail” because he kept getting arrested. It’s unknown when their break occurred, but it seems like Jay frowned upon Johnson constantly getting into it with the law, specifically his five arrests for assault and battery on women, including waving a gun at his girlfriend and spitting a drink in a woman’s face at a nightclub.

The article states that Johnson started feeling the symptoms of rage and depression — consistent with so many football players suffering from the brain degenerating CTE – at his Penn State alma mater. Johnson “sought to prove his toughness in nightclubs and fights with women,” the article states. The 38-year-old Johnson, a powerful running back who holds an NFL record for rushes in a single season with 416, can’t yet take a test to prove if he has CTE as its only available for deceased players for now. He says he suffers from unbearable headaches, violent mood swings and has even made a video with highlights and pictures of him for his daughter – in case he doesn’t live long enough to see her grow up. Hopefully, he can get whatever help is available to him and refrain from any more violent activity.