Jay-Z Was An Impatient Witness During His Testimony For An Ongoing Lawsuit With Parlux Fragrances

Parlux Fragrances and Jay-Z are embroiled in an ongoing legal battle. Jay-Z testified today in Manhattan Supreme Court as part of a suit filed against him by the perfume company, who claim he didn’t hold up his end up the bargain when it came to promoting the Gold Jay-Z cologne line. According to a report by Rolling Stone Jay-Z was adamant that he had fulfilled his obligations properly, stating: “You have me on trial from something I didn’t do.”

The opposition’s counsel pointed to a specific part of his contract that required “promotional tie-ins” and asked if the rapper had made any appearances for the Gold Jay-Z launch. “I did a lot for the Gold Jay-Z launch,” Jay-Z said. “I had a year to complete these [obligations], correct? I don’t know if you answered my question,” Jay-Z said. “I had a year to complete these right?” After more tense exchanges in which the lawyer tried to prove Jay-Z hadn’t read the contract he signed with the company, and therefore didn’t know what his obligations were, more of Jay’s personal feelings about the company came to light from some email exchanges where he wrote that they “suck.”

“I wanted great products and these guys didn’t understand,” he said. “It was so frustrating working with them.” According to the suit, which Parlux first filed in 2016, Jay-Z earned $2 million in royalties for the perfume, but they lost $18 million on the launch. They stated that Jay was supposed to make several appearances in support of the launch but never came through. After the suit was filed, Jay and his team countersued, alleging that they gave him with “inadequate accounting reports and promotional resources,” and still owe him $27 million in royalties.

A jury will decide the verdict for the trial, but proceedings are still underway.