Jay Z’s Former Tour DJ Took His Dying Dog Across The Country And Documented It On Instagram

Neil Armstrong isn’t just the name of the astronaut who first walked on the moon — it’s also the name of Jay Z‘s former tour DJ. Armstrong, real name Thomas Neil Rodriguez, is the proud human parent of Poh, a 15-year-old dog he adopted in December of 1999. After veterinarians found two tumors in the dog’s abdomen, Armstrong realized Poh didn’t have very much time left.

So Neil and his fiancée, Yuko, decided to cross off a big to-do from Poh’s bucket list and drive across America. The trio have captured every moment of the trip on Poh’s personal Instagram account, which has since gained over six thousand followers. Armstrong tells Good News Network, “I’ve always wanted to let him dip his paws in the Pacific Ocean,” and with their trip across America, that’s exactly what Poh did. Neil went on to say, “I’m hoping that by following along on Poh’s journey, people see how great having a pet can be.”

Poh has seen way more of America than most Americans ever have. This dog has seen it all — from Coney Island to the Santa Monica Pier, and everything in between.

(Source: Daily Mail and Good News Network)