Jeezy Teased A Tiny Desk Concert Coming Soon And Fans Are Completely Hyped

Jay “Jeezy” Jenkins has quite a resume on him. Jeezy, a rapper who has sold 5 million albums, has launched spirit brands, opened a steakhouse, and published a book, will soon be able to celebrate another career milestone. Earlier this week, Jeezy took to social media, to show fans photos from behind the scenes of an NPR Tiny Desk Concert he recently taped.

In the photos, Jeezy is seen front and center, accompanied by a live instrumentalist band. At the time of writing, it is unclear when Jeezy’s Tiny Desk Concert will drop on YouTube and NPR. However, fans are certainly excited to tune in.

“I already know jeezy Tiny desk concert gone be smooth,” said one fan on Twitter.

“I could cry,” said another fan. “Gonna be straight ghetto gospel. I cannot wait until it drops.”

Over the past two decades, Jeezy has maintained a steady flow of music. Last year, he released a 29-track album called I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget. But some of his biggest hits dropped back in the mid-2000s, including his Akon collaboration “Soul Survivor” and his Kanye West collab “Put On.”

“I really hope Jeezy don’t get on Tiny Desk and do new music,” said one Twitter user.

But other fans look forward to hearing Jeezy go through his extensive catalog, knowing the man has hits for days.

“Long overdue,” said one fan on Twitter. “I’m ready to hear songs from projects like TM101, The Inspiration, & Trap Or Die on here.”