Premiere: Jennifer Castle’s ‘Texas’ Is An Otherworldly Rumination On Family, Friendships And Loyalty

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Canadian singer-songwriter Jennifer Castle wrote her third full-length album, Angels Of Death, in a 19th-century church near her family’s Lake Erie home. It’s a setting rife with memories both fond and fraught; there, Castle experienced a whole host of character-building, growth-inducing experiences. Today, Castle is releasing a new song and video for “Texas,” a whimsical, intimate track that captures Castle at her most unhindered.

“Texas” finds Castle ruminating on sentiments of family, friendships, and loyalty. It’s a piece that could very fittingly be played during the closing credits of a movie – Castle’s music is otherworldly, with a sanguine sense of certitude and deep-rooted keenness. Her sparkling voice sits atop exuberant, buoyant “ooh”s, and the accompanying video matches it with a candid, blithe depiction of her personality.

About the video, a colleague of Castle’s, Jack Levinson, wrote the following:

“The video for ‘Texas’ is a continuing document of the long-standing collaboration and friendship between Jennifer Castle and Davida Nemeroff, both veterans of Toronto music scene of the early oughts, as a musician and a photographer respectively. The video, set to Castle’s song of the same name, shows a scene of mutual improvisation, with Castle dancing through the desert, making her camera-friend laugh; and Nemeroff’s camera, chuckling and moving in step with her. The video captures the song’s spirited folk sound and the artist’s exuberantly mystical personality, as framed by Nemeroff. Castle, notoriously private, opens like a desert flower for Davida, and is captured unhinged and candid, a glimpse only a true pal would see. We find both artists at home in the dusty terrain that inspired the song.”

Angels of Death is out 5/18 via Paradise of Bachelors. Pre-order it here.