Here’s Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer Dancing On Billy Joel’s Piano At Wrigley Field

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer had themselves yet another fantastic adventure last night when, in the midst of what I assume was a writing break, they decided to go see Billy Joel sing songs about fishermen, Italian restaurants, and it being all about soul at Chicago’s now historic-er Wrigley Field and take part in the concert.

As the above video shows, merely standing on stage and singing backup Michael Douglas-style was not enough for the actress and the other actress/rapper/comedian, as they continued to live their out-sized version of Aerosmith’s “Crazy” video from the ’90s. NO. Lawrence and Schumer climbed atop Joel’s piano machine and danced while he sang “Uptown Girl,” a song that I assume he selected because the chorus of “Sometimes a Fantasy” would have been a little too on the nose and because that move worked on Christie Brinkley back in the day.

Also a fantasy? The idea that Schumer and Lawrence just happened to pop up on stage, as reports indicate that they rehearsed some of the act before hand. But who cares, right? If we gain joy from a fake viral moment, is that moment not made real by our voluminous joy? Also, to borrow a few words from Billy Joel, The Summer of Amy and J-Law is the kind of thing “to remember, ’cause it will not last forever.”

Don’t let those memories be anything other than fond, my friend.