Jhene Aiko Bares All For PETA’s ‘Rather Go Naked’ Campaign

After making PETA’s ‘Sexiest Vegan/Vegetarian Celebrity‘ list this past summer, Jhene Aiko finally bares all for the animal rights organization as part of their famous “Rather Go Naked” campaign. The 28-year-old songstress now joins the long list of stars who have declared they would rather wear absolutely nothing than ever wear fur.

The striking picture, which sees Jhene completely naked while only covering the NSFW areas of her body with a blanket, was debuted at PETA’s “Naked Ambition” exhibit in Los Angeles Monday night. Jhene was more than happy about her decision to bare all, posting on Instagram, “I am honored to be a part of @peta ‘s naked campaign [prayer hands emoji].”

“Animals have feelings, they have souls, they have emotions, and the way that they are killed for fur is very inhumane,” says Aiko in an exclusive video interview. “They’re electrocuted, they’re beaten, they’re drowned, they’re skinned alive. And once you know that, it’s, like, how could you think wearing fur is cool? … [I]t’s not.”

Jhene’s “Rather Go Naked” ad is the second time the singer has partnered up with PETA. The Sailing Soul(s) songstress spoke about her love for cats with peta2, the largest youth animal rights group, in 2014. “I think cats are super smooth with everything they do. I move in silence, but when I feel threatened I get real feisty like a cat,” Jhene said in a video encouraging animal lovers to adopt rather than buy.

Take a closer look at Jhene’s “Rather Go Naked” ad below.

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