Jimmy Fallon Delivers A Spot-On James Taylor Impression On ‘The Tonight Show’

Jimmy Fallon has not been known for getting political on his late-night program, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In fact, it’s been discussed that his lack of a political stance has been a disservice to The Roots, who stand as both his faithful backing band and some of the most politically charged musicians in recent memory. Some have noted that Fallon has suffered a dip in his ratings because of this, while other more politically minded hosts like Kimmel and Colbert have surged.

And while it’s not expected for things to majorly change in 2018, Fallon did manage a solid jab at the President on last night’s show. Doing his best impression of folk legend James Taylor, Fallon performed a parody of Taylor’s iconic “Fire And Rain” to tackle the contents of the much-discussed new book, Fire And Fury. The song hits on plenty of the touchstones of the administration, including his late-night tweets, his tiny hands, the fake news awards, and his status as “like a really smart stable genius.” By the song’s end, the comedian lets the songs unravel into a barrage of “vote for Oprah” in 2020 pleas: “There’s another election coming in three more years / Vote for Oprah, vote for Oprah, yeah yeah yeah.”

Check out the clip above, and stay tuned to see if 2018 brings more political satire from Jimmy Fallon.