Joey Badass Says He Wishes People Gave Nipsey Hussle More Praise While He Was Alive

On Tuesday, Joey Badass and the members of his Beast Coast crew appeared on Ebro Darden’s Beats 1 Radio show.

The group — an amalgamation of member of Badass’s Pro Era crew, Flatbush Zombies, and The Underachievers — were there to promote their upcoming “Escape From New York” tour. Quickly, however, the interview turned to the subject of the recent passing of Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Badass expressed how tragic he thought it was that artists as impactful and intrepid as Hussle could go “underappreciated while they are here on this Earth.” The 24-year-old rapper’s own close friend and close-collaborator Jamal “Capital Steez” Dewar passed away in 2012 right as Pro Era’s profile was beginning to rise.

To Badass, Hussle’s passing shouldn’t have been the first time the world learned about his hard work and amazing achievements. “As soon as we lose a person like that, everybody want to jump on the bandwagon,” Joey said. “He should have been able to see the fruits of his labor… We gotta show love, we gotta spread love. ”

The group of New York rappers felt that this sentiment should extend beyond our relationship with a famous artist; it should also shape how we conduct our interpersonal relationships.

“It’s extremely important that you show appreciation for your favorite artists, your favorite people, your favorite friends, your favorite family members, whatever,” Badass said. “It’s just extremely important you never waste those moments, you always appreciate them. Like you said, any moment it can go like that.”