Watch John Mayer Hide Out As Hank ‘The Hawk’ Knutley On ‘Kimmel’

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John Mayer spent most of last night’s episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! trying to hide in plain sight. Mayer adopted the persona of Hank “The Hawk” Knutley — world-renowned for his martials arts and sex game — capping off the disguise with a fake gut and a heaping helping of fake facial hair. It wasn’t until it came time to actually perform that Kimmel ended the ruse, pulling off Mayer’s get-up to the shock of some audience members.

Most of the bit honestly doesn’t go over that well. But Mayer’s reasoning for donning the disguise is pretty funny.

“It’s just that Ed Sheeran is just killing it right now,” he said. “And I thought if I just played another person I might have another chance to make it.”

Mayer then Wonder Woman-ed his way into a suit and launched into the tidal wave of schmaltz “Still Feel Like Your Man.” Catch the shenanigan in the video up top.

It’s not the first time that Mayer has thrown on a costume to hide out from fans. On his short-lived VH1 reality show John Mayer Has A TV Show, he put on a bear suit to walk around the parking lot outside his shows and talk trash about his own music.

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